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there is a rubbing noise, and the mechanic I went to thinks it is the awd system.
Lights on steady. Dealer "reloads codes" light comes on says book again for service 100 mile after Volvo's 30 point checkoff.
After turning off, the turbo fan normally runs, but recently it has not. Could this cause the heat to back up into passenger area and cause ice inside of car?
The AM reception has some interference or background noise. The FM and CD portions work fine. I replaced the rear window (with antennas) and that helped for about a week, but now the background noise is back. I not...
Loud sound right under the motor, it kind of sounds like if it is low on fluid on the transmission oil but whenever I put it on drive it is okay. On reverse the sound will sound only if I step on the gas lightly. Then...
I use a local mechanic to service the volvo, and he could not reset the message to have car services. I called the dealer, and they wouldn't tell me. Must bring car into the dealer.
When driving over moderately rough or uneven pavement hear a noise coming from right rear of car which sounds like spare tire or parts associated with spare a loosing and banging & making a muffled sound. It is NOT ...