Gear shifting is hard.

I've only had this car for 3 months. I don't know the past history.it won't start after it sits for a day or two with a brand new battery. What could be draining it. I have all the lights off nothing plugged in AC and fan are turned off.this has happened four times now leaving me stranded.

Car starts fine. But when it warms up it dies. If you then restart it, barely runs and has no power at all.

I have a smell of gas when my tank is filled

on the air cleaner when i went to change filter one of the two vacuum lines is disconnected and I dont know where it goes the other vacuum line goes to the diaphragm on side of tube can you please tell me where to connect to

This car has been well taken care of, was my daily driver and now my daughter's daily driver. She was going to drive her and her friend to school this morning only when the passenger side door closed the Sibe airbags deployed. . Scared the girls real bad...they came out crying...the girls are just fine though. ..they no longer want anything to do with Volvo, can't blame them..
So what the heck is up with this? I have never seen this happen before on any brand or model vehicle.
Is there a way to disarm the complete airbag systems.
I would rather have none then one deployed for no reason, not a good thing while driving ... suddenly. ..BAM..for no reason. . I'm sure Volvo wants more to repair the problem then what a 2000 S 80 is worth.

How to pop stuck hood

What should I expect to pay to have a leaking windshield wiper fluid tank removed, and replaced with a new one?
I'm in the metro Portland, OR area.
Thank you,

No check engine light is on NOAA weather Service lights iits very dangerous when i have the kids with me

Fan won't cut off kills battery

When I turn on the radio I get nothing. When I turn on the vehicle the screen remains blank.

no one seems to have a fix. Can you help steer us in the right direction?

in the motor

Does this seem normal? I had a 2000 S80 and at 193,000 my engine blew (to be expected at that mileage for something catastrophic for that to happen). Please help!!

I had a mechanic take out the instrument panel to check if it will work when replaced with another but still not working

Heated 02s? Is there a heater circuit for the 02 systems?

Car only has 60km on clock. 2007 model

I have a Volvo S80 T6 and it runs fine, I just have a small battery for it. I can't use the radio or leave the doors open or lights on for longer than a few minutes. One day I started it and it turned on, but sounded like it wasn't getting any gas. It had like a cough, then it died. So I jumped it and tried again thinking the battery was just weak, but it continued making the loud noise and shaking so I gave up. I've had numerous people check it out, but nobody can figure it out. I know my alternator, battery and spark plugs are good... What could it be? I really need this car for school and work. I plan on selling it after I fix it because I can't keep up with the expensive costs of repair or parts, but I need it for now. Anything helps. I'm also planning on getting brand new spark plugs and a battery, but what would I have to do if it isn't getting any gas?

Heater blowing hot turned heat blower to lowest level. Left truck running then heater quit working all together.

first my car wouldnt start so i got a jump and as i was driving down the street my headlights stopped working and all my warning lights came on now it feels like the brakes are on and it doesnt want to accelerate

Both have 3.2 engines and have about 97k miles

My volvo has 120,000 miles and experienced transmission damages after being towed, what I believe was improperly (from behind while the car was in park), because the location of my parking permit changed with out me being properly notified.

I believe the two events are related, yet there is no "proof" and the towing company is refusing to pay for it. I have an invoice with the parts that were replaced, and the towing company says it is from "normal wear and tear" but it seems like a stretch.

I am wondering if 120,000 miles is "normal" for transmissions to have issues. My car has been taken care of since I owned it, so it seems very strange, as my family has always had volvos that hit over 200,000 miles with no problems.

Parts that had to be replaced include the torque converter, valve body, shift solenoid, transmission pump.

Please let me know if this can some how be argued that it was from towing, as I really believe it was and don't think that my failure to be notified properly is a reason for me to be out $2500.

car was running but slipped in 3rd gear. changed the shift solenoids out, went to start it and nothing, not even compression. Checked timing, that was ok. what else could it be?