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part number for drive shaft
Instrument panel is not working gas gauge doesn't work rpm gauge doesn't work mph doesn't work fuel gauge is working. warning light is not working . Seat belt light is on and check engine light comes on
If I shut the car off, it will restart and act normal. the message center reads Engine system service required.
i have a 2002 volvo 2.4 s80 my abs. Had abs trac control warning lights.Had diagnostics it said faulty speed sensor,replaced it with anew one, warning lights are still coming on after driving for a mile or so and stil...
Got catalitic converter changed 2. Months ago and its starting to bog down and lose power again sounds like something is in the tailpipe and stopping the ingine excelaration to sound more under the hood than through t...
clock time changes every time I start the car; can't control the levels on the heat and air conditioning, miles driven once reset keeps changing once I stop and start car; radio will just bounce from channel to channe...
Presently, the car doesnt move at D,3, 2, 2,. Its jus the Park, Reverse and Neutral gears that are functional
the noise goes away after driving for a while. It is not making a noise when I shut off the car only when left overnight. I just purchase the car and not familiar with Volvos
for the my engine has a hard start up. Please advise advise me on an estimate to replace part, labor. I was quoted $300.00 for everything.
The seat moves up and back, but the seat-back does not adjust, and the memory settings do not work. the seat-belt alarm also does not work. I just purchased this beautifully maintained car, and this is the only proble...
When accelerating hard car surges not as bad when in manual shift mode.would bad pcv cause this condition? oil leaking onto exhaust leaks approximately a quart every thousand miles
I have changed my headlights 2x in 2 yrs. My brakelights I've changed about every 2 months. My tailights I've changed about 2 or 3 times in 2 yrs.
ive adjusted timing and still wont pop... desperate to get it going any tricks?