Car starts fine. But when it warms up it dies. If you then restart it, barely runs and has no power at all.

Heated 02s? Is there a heater circuit for the 02 systems?

key is stuck in ignition and wont come out of park

all of the fuses are fine

3 codes of pedal no communication.
1 code boost pressure no signal.
1 code BCM no communication

Wrong with it ppc pgc either one not exactly sure yet but how much do these repairs cost and do u think I'm paying too much with these issues

I have a p1633 code, the message center says "brake failure, stop safely ASAP. car runs HORRIBLY at times, found out that if I remove the ABS module that the car will still run, removed it and car runs great! Ocassionaly it will miss and run poorly, if I disconnect battery and hook it back up it fixes the problem. I have since gotten a used module, however it gives me the same issues...does it have to be programmed to my car? is there something else I am missing? HELP PLEASE!!!

Will not shift from park to drive when she first start up, unless it is started and have been idling for a while (so the engine / transmission fluids is warmer. What can she do to avoid this problem in the future?

I was involved in a wreck which busted my oil pan. They said that was replaced but the car is still leaking oil and When I was driving down the interstate I noticed that when I pushed down harder on the gas pedal, smoke just poured out the tailpipe. What is that?

What is the average cost of having it repaired?