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I have quite a lot of Volvo experience yet this one has me stumped. The engine was leaking alot of oil from the exhaust cam seal so I replaced timing belt all the cam seals. Replaced the oil trap and all the hoses ...
Passenger side temp control knob froze in position.
Temperature control knob suddenly froze in position mid level preventing heat setting. No heat from drivers side vents. In extreme cold windows fog.
Putting belts back on
I want to buy a car but the person said the water pump failed which cause a head gasket leak. The water pump was replaced and he added sealer to the coolent. Said the head gasket would need to be replaced soon. How mu...
I have the heater on and when I turn on the defrost the AC comes on and blows cold air?
Heat blows out of driver's side vent but cold air blows out of passenger side
where is the canister purge valve locate failed emission test want to check hoses code 4055
When the ignition key is turned on a strange electronic clicking can be heard coming from the glove box area of the dashboard for about 30 seconds.
My service engine light comes on at start up and goes off after driving. Should i be concerned? It is not the "Check Engine Light".
heard some air wooshing under hood while attempting to accelerate. not running on all cylinders. Can it be vacuum leak rather than fuel problem?
just did a new vlave job and had head shaved replaced head gasket and tested compression but it has started smoking after it warms up and it didnt do it before the valve job?