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Only starts after car has been running for over 1/2 hour or so. May start sooner on a hot day and/or in constant traffic. Does not appear to come from the engine. Can hear it best in rear seating area, and sound...
It was working fine before I replaced the battery with another CR 2450 battery. Now, it doesn't work at all. Please help.
I had the serpitine belt replaced because it broke along with the timing belt and its components but car still wont hold pressure. Does that auto matically mean its valves and or pistons are out or could be something ...
diagnostics indicating the fault after new battery and new starter motor fitted, still wont start
Is this normal,even when the key is in the off position?
Where is the cabin air filter located? And how do I replace it?
3 wires going to cooling fan, 1 hot, 1 ground, 1 small wire... I've tried ground and 12 volts to small wire and fan still not working... I installed a new fan assy, and still does not work. any clues would be apriciated
My car battery died. Once I jumped it, it now has a check alarm system notification on the dash. Is there any way to reset that notification? The nearest dealership is over an hour away.
I have a left rear brake light out and was wandering the easiest way to fix, i have been told i have to replace the entire assembly
I have a 2008 S40. I am trying to find out how to remove the center gear shift console so that I can realign the plastic cover that sits underneath the gear shift knob. I spilled soft drink and the "sticky" residue ...