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How does one clean a throttle body on a 2006 volvo s40 I'm willing to try but I don't want to make matters worse, Help PLEASE. Dana
the recovery coolant tank cracked since it's been sealed but now the car knocks when i have the car running. can i drive it to the shop or not?
Got a tune up on fri now car will not go when gas peddle is pushed, but it will idel. Is there a difference between a t5 tune up and a plain s40.... could it be the pump electronic module?
I need a tune up to pass inspection. I was wondering what the average price is foe this service.
it occurs ever time i turn the car off. the key wont come out of the ignition. I try play with the key.make sure the car is in park.
My back passenger floorboard is allways wet. I have no idea why. I haven't spilled anything and I have no leaks. Whats up ?
My A/C sometimes will not work, especially on hot days. On colder days however, my A/C will work perfectly though it isn't much needed. On hot hot days when i need it most, it just blows hot air. HELP!
I took my volvo s40 2006 in for service due to the car not starting. It also had a message for the alarm needing resetting. Unfortunatly, the results are that I need a alternator and battery with a price tag of $1,325...
Jumpstart works for about half hour and then when I try to start again, I see the lights for some time, would not start and head light turns on and stays on. So, assuming battery is fine. What could be the problem?
I did not find the A/C clutch as a part to select for a cost estimate. Any ideas how much this would cost for parts and labor?
A/C stops blowing cold air when outside temp >80 in stop and go traffic. I was told by the dealership that the A/C clutch needed to be replaced which they said would cost around 700+ to fix. They also recommened rep...
After a recent accident my message center showed a message sayin "service airbag immediately" and smoke came from my steering column. Does this mean my airbags are defective?? The airbag never deployed.
what is causing my keys to get stuck when my car is in Park? it takes me about 5 minutes to keep trying getting my keys out by playing with the gear from Park to Drive and Drive to Park. Once in Park, I have to play...
I need to replace the front and rear brake pads. Can't find any repair manual (Chiltons, Haynes,etc.) outlining the procedure for this particular year/model Volvo. Would it be similar to procedure for '06 S60 or '04 ...