After driving a small trip ( round trip 3 miles ) after the light turned green I went press the gas pedal and got no accrleration and crept back home at 2 to 4 miles an hour. Please Inform me of any known issues that would cause this problem

same all the time sits for awhile then 15 great minutes of cold air then hot all the time ..this goes on

Even with headlamp switch off, everything is on

Middle of driving and the emergency lights come on. It will stop for a few mins and do it again. The batter in the car is brand new.

It seems to be running fine, no funny noises but I have a message saying it needs regular maintenance check so wanting to know what a mechanic would be looking for?

Engine is making a bad clicking noise at higher rpms. When it idles, the click is soft and can barely hear it but once you get on the gas it sounds like a metal card in bike spokes. Could it be the valves? If so, roughly how much does that cost to fix?

When I apply the brakes, the steering wheel shakes and shudders. Happens pretty much every time I hit the brakes

Even when my daytime lights are on the highbeams will come on by themselves. I have tried shutting them back off but they stay on. I can hear a clicking noise over on the passenger side of my vehicle every time they pop on also. What could possibly be causing this and is there a way to fix it without bringing it in and getting a huge bill?

I took it to a Mecanic and he drove it around he said it was smooth when driving which it is so he said it can't be the engine.it just started saying time for regular maintenance as well.

my son is going to drive his Volvo s40 1000 miles and we are trying to decide if we need to do the timing belt first. Plus the shop quoted us replacement for TB tensioner pulley, TB idler pulley, frnt crankshaft seal, water pump, thermostate and access drive belts. Do I need to do all this which is over $1300.

If i use D it works but if i change it to manual, it still on D and dont make any change can you helpme,

Last week my car was overheating and low on water. I couldn't figure out why. Im not car savvy and had just had a tune up and was not do for oil for some time. Today my car puttered to a stop and wont turn over. I was told by a car savvy friend.. head gasket for sure. Does this sound like it could be fixable by simply replacing the head gasket.. or should I be anticipating having royally screwed up my vehicle?

I own a 2006 s40i with 73K miles. When I am pulling out or starting off at low speeds and then break ( like at a stop sign) I hear a pop noise after I depress the break pedal? What could be the cause? it occurs all the time.