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are these serious? are they easy fixes? thanks for your time
Was working fine and now does not crank over no sound at all battery is new Got codes P0014 - P0015
Repair man said that all valves were warped but could be fixed and no piston damage, after having it for a month now they said that the entire engine may need swapped. What does this sound like to you and what kind of...
the terminals on my battery were cleaned, and now nothing in the car works no lights and wont turn on. however there is a clicking sound under the passenger side dash and a little light barley flashing???? help
cools for a little while then shuts off or blows hot air.you can cut off a few minutes and then turn back on and its ccol again.
I can see where coolant is leaking from two hoses and took it in to be serviced. The est. came back at just over $900 to repair the Gasket-Thermostat, hoses, and coolant system service w/ extended life. Is this all ne...
I was at a redlight and about to make a turn and the car just shut off. I did not see any warning lights on just the oil light/ car did come back on/ what should I do? It had never done that before
Hey everyone I've recently been having some issues with my headlights. I have a 2005 Volvo S40 2.4i that came stock with Xenon lights. Question number one.... I've had to replace my headlights 2 times in the past 3 ye...
A few days ago, I came out of a mall and the flashers were going off. I unlocked the car, thought that I mistakenly hit the panic button and proceeded to start it. Then, the flashers started again. The horn started ho...
an my fasher turn on my gas door open on off
putting my key in ignition and trying to start but nothing happens! then i switch ignition off and try again and it works but sometimes it takes 3-4 trys befor it will start??? its a 2.0 diesel volvo s40 55 plate.