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My friend changed my oil and my car cranks like normal but when you press the gas to go it revs up but does not move
When I start my vehicle it runs very loud. Then while I am driving there is a rattling sound right side of vehicle under the hood. What could this be? Just started the past few days
The impact totaled my car the passenger side air bag deployed but not the drivers
i had the engine light on. i fixed the mass air flow sensor. but the engine is still on.
My brother brought me his s40 and said it has no reverse and wanted me to check it out. I opened up the trans and it smelled like gear oil so I asked him about it and he said he put gear oil in the front differential....
car runs fine, but I don't feel any boost or hear the turbo whine.
115,000 miles replaced crank/cam shaft seals, timing belt, water pump, valve, still leaks small amount of oil near front passenger side.
and now there is a grinding noise coming from the clutch housing when on tick over
The car has a manual gearbox. i cannot move the lever past the reverse stop on the gate.
When the car is running, the blower is always on. Whether dialed to Auto, 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 the fan sounds like it is running at the 4 level. If I turn the switch to 5, the AC, recirculate and rear defrost lights flash....
I understand the panel is under the dash in the s40