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Acts like it wants to start but wont its been sitting for 2 days
Also I put brakes on hard during rain last week and it felt like driver side tire was put in a vice and shook the tire.
Seems there is a common problem with Volvo audio systems in that the AM module breaks down. Will Volvo cover it as a courtesy after the warranty has expired?
This has happen a couple of times recently. The message would be pull over safety and stop top open. I would pull over and press top closed button and the message would say top is closed To correct this, I would pr...
I installed a module to the car to allow the top to go up/down with the remote key fob. Upon doing this, the top went down and now I can't get it to go back up. The only way to get to the module to see if the connecti...
Key fob does absolutely nothing now. No damage to the fob either. It will still start my engine though.
I found the replacement part..How do you take the console cover off?
The inner shoulders of the new rear tires on my 2008 C70 are wearing prematurely. I want to change the alignment specs to minimize this wear. I don't drive the car in sport mode and don't care about any loss of handli...
Volvo recommends not rotating tires on this vehicle, is that a good idea or should the tires be rotated.
On average how often (how many miles) do I need to check/replace my front and back brake pads?? In particular the back brakes. I feel like mine are wearing down way too fast.