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Mines a convertible, turbo, automatic. 107k miles.theres a pdf on how it's a computer glitch not the tranny? Also heard you can put brake fluid in it to some how clean the tranny?
Question is when it retracts it still stays up about 10 inches. Is this normal? Thanks Todd
This occurs maybe once or twice a week if at all
My car stopped blowing cold air. I bought a can of freon with a gauge on it. I tried to pump the freon in but nothing went in. The compressor is coming on but the freon is not going.
It feels like there is absolutely no suspension left in the front of my car. When I turn my wheel there is a very loud cranking noise and when I go over even the smallest bump in the road my entire car jerks and feel...
It does not come on over bumps or under specific circumstances I can determine - seems a random occurrence. The dealer has not been able to replicate on short visits. Any ideas?
Just bought it today. Before I did, Advance Auto Parts ran on machines said all was fine.
in the boot where the top stores, there are 4 drain holes, the rear ones are easy to see and clear but cannot get to the front ones which are clogged, because they are under the mechanism that raises/lowers the top......
My 2009 Volvo c70 is making a weird noise when it sits at idle and when I Rev the engine up to about 2,500 rpms. I also noticed that the car hesitates when I try to speed up when it's in automatic mode and when I am u...
noise comes and goes. Rear stabalizer links replaced but it is not the issue. Noise started a few weeks after new rotors and pads replaced on all four tires.
Was starting to drive my car and there was an extremely loud noise coming from near the front passenger tire. It sounded like I was dragging a metal box spring mattress. The noise sounded very metallic. Had it once...
Have taken it 4 times to the mechanic that specializes in Volvo repairs. Diagnostics show nothing wrong with the vehicle. Can not duplicate it not starting. It will jump and then I can drive it around fine. After ab...
The convertible top went almost all the way down. I still need to latch it closed, where is the manual adjustment.
on the drivers side so it is not locked and the chime is dinging is there a fuse that we can take out to stop it?
had an accident the the rops activated. how do i reset it?
So is there a fuse to pull to stop this beeping? I have my hydraulic hose ordered. The top is locked. Plz help.
It's saYing stop safely to avoid top damage
How much to replace the radiator in a 1999 Volvo C70 ? I already have a replacement radiator.
I have a coolant leak on the passenger's side (right side )of the engine and I suspect that it is coming from the water pump .
Acts like it wants to start but wont its been sitting for 2 days
follow instruction stater will turn from remote switch, will not turn from ignition or start, what do you recommend