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This occurs maybe once or twice a week if at all
So is there a fuse to pull to stop this beeping? I have my hydraulic hose ordered. The top is locked. Plz help.
It's saYing stop safely to avoid top damage
we replaced both front and rear and reset ecu light came back on garage checked and no codes or faults. any ideas how to get rid of it
The car makes a grinning sound when pulling off only and recently, is now making a noise when going over speed bumps. Also, my emergency notification for my hardtop has come on twice.I have to pull over and press the ...
I have replaced 2 1/2 sets of tires. The last full set of tires lasted only 19K miles and the ones before that were much better. I was just told my front struts were shot but why did that cause my tires to all wear ...
How do I reset the service light indicating time for maintenance on a 2006 Volvo?
my husban has 2006 c70 volvo. he gave his extra keys and now the will not remove from ignition