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Have had my local shop send the module for repair and still the car acts the same. The only way I can use the car is by taking out the fuse for the module. Before I had it supposedly repaired the only solution I fo...
My 2002 C70 starts and runs fine at idle but then will not acclerate. I then will run fine for a short distance. After driving it in this condition for maybe3-5 miles it seems to run just fine. I have replace the g...
top goes up and down fine but trunk hits convert top lid upon opening and closing on drivers side. gap is very tight compared to pass side
when switched to passenger side it adjusts driver side mirror only. pass side mirror doesn't operate with the switch at all
Car runs louder than usual, took it to station and was told it would nost 3000 for a new turbo engine. The car still runs fine, does anyone know if the turbo really needs to be replaced. If I drive it locally, it ...
every thing else is in ready seting no codes found,check system with a scanner actron cp9145
when i give the car gas , the front end shakes so bad i feel it may fall apart .
The remote and the inside switch work to unlock the driver's side door, but neither one works to unlock the passenger side.
how much does a 2002 c70 right axle cost?
how do you reset srs light on dash
my book says to drain three quarts at the time, after i changed the first three quarts, it wont change into third gear correctly.