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How much to replace the radiator in a 1999 Volvo C70 ? I already have a replacement radiator.
I have a coolant leak on the passenger's side (right side )of the engine and I suspect that it is coming from the water pump .
bank 1 problem would this stop my car starting and about how much is it to fix and my coolant light is on but my car is not over heating
If there is a manual switch for using convertible where is it located?
I've replaced everything under the top cover and I the only parts that won't work are the lock me he on both side either when u go up or down with the top. Everything else is working fine. When I manually lock them th...
so it would be helpful to know how do you tell whether it is switch or motor that is not working? as i can buy a roof motor on ebay, is there a test to decide which one is broken, cheers
dont have owners manual, just need a step by step guide so i can manually lower top in summer, thanks
switch boken and i want to get it fixed, but i want to lower top manually to check it, and the warning chime is constantly on so how do i stop it? thanks
My 1999 C70 has a total of 38k miles on it. The ABS light comes on when I am at a light stopped.What do you think could be causing this light to come on and off. The p1550 error code has been given when the check engi...
I had opened the top to unplug the drain holes which required me to leave the top up. The drain holes were unplugged but now when I open the top the top tucks away but the back lid stays open and will not move. Any id...
what is beneathe this bolt? will it harm the tranny if fluid is filled here?
i don t have a problem with the top i beleive, the first part goes up just fine, so i believe the motor works, but then it stops its sicle because the boot top ( the hard part in the inside that raises 90dgrs) gets st...