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Hello, Everyone, I have my 1995 Volvo 940 Turbo that stalls in reverse and hesitates on take off. The following is a breakdown of what has been done so far: 1. Initial Issue from March to October is hard s...
Deployed during very minor accident, no other damage except for cracked windshield also caused by the airbags.
my machanic changed a main seal and was not able to put the engine harness back the way it was and now it won't run. He says he's waiting on his friend who has a car like mine so he can look at his engine harness to ...
i chabged front seal in trans now speedo don't work. where does it hook up i think i am missing it
not sure just bought car few days ago. was working for about 6 miles. stopped! then after sitting for 8 hours and no rain, worked again about same amount of time.
just added freon and the compressor won't kick on. someone told me i might have to jump start it, just don't know how
My car drives for a few minutes , then just shuts down. After a few minutes it will restart, and the same thing will happen again
I am loosing brake fluid (I am adding fluid once every two or three weeks and driving less than 400 miles). Any ideas what the problem might be? Thank you!
Can I turn the Check Engine light off without going to a dealer or repair shop? Seems like each time I have it turned off, it comes back on within a day or two. Thank you!
I broke part of the key off in the outside door lock on the passanger side? Anyway to remove it or do I need to replace the lock? If so, how do I replace the lock? Thank you!
When the car is turned on, the antenna goes up halfway and stops. When I turn the car off, the antenna goes down all the way. Any ideas? Thank you.
The drivers side rear door lock will not lock/unlock from the driver master control panel. The door will lock/unlock when manually pushed down and/or pullled up. Thank you!
The car will sometimes stall when idle at a traffic light. We had the fuel filter replaced. Seems to do better, but still stalls. Has been mentioned that EGR valve could use work. Can you adjust an EGR valve or do...