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My heater goes on and off and once I hit a bump, it will start back up for a few seconds. Therefore, is the motor starting to go out or does the filter need replacing?
Need a timing belt and water pump repair. No existing damage just 80k 10 year old car
when driving as i accelerate i hear a noise coming from the passenger side.. also i noticed the gears sticks in the fifth gear but later does down shift
When im on the hwy and my headlight are on when I use my left blinker and slow down to exit. My left head light flashes and my warning like shows a headlight. Then it comes back on.
The digital interface turns on, and the volume indicator will increase when the knob is turned up. I recently had to boost the battery since it died while I was away.
I have new fuel pumps and filters and a new set of spark plugs idles kind of rough and can't get her to start right away its an 04 touareg 4.2 v8
I've taken it to the shop and was repaired but fan is sporadic now....the fan doesn't always shut off when engine is turned off. The car is not running hot. I'm worried my battery is going to run down because of the...
Gas hand acts like it wants to work but dosnt move off of empty
The Gas hand acts like it wants to work but dosnt come off empty need help
and the monitor reads to pull over and stop vehical brake faulty