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outside.they lock and unlock remotely from the out side but cannot open from the inside.
My Vw Touareg R5 have a light Jerk under load in 4th 5th and 6th at low revs. Can anyone perhaps assist? Thanks
My car sometime can't start, leave 2 or 3hrs will start.i test the battery its good, no any warning signal shows up, is this starter broken?
I bumped something with the front of my friends car and it shut down. I know it has a reset switch where is it?
when driving my vehicle at a low speed usually in a parking lot it makes a loud clunking noise when turning into a stall or corner, I have it looked at and for some reason it does not do it to the mechanic. I have not...
My heater goes on and off and once I hit a bump, it will start back up for a few seconds. Therefore, is the motor starting to go out or does the filter need replacing?
A little over 2 weeks ago an oil pressure light came on. We don't go to the dealer because we've not had good service there and I have never trusted them. We took the car to out local shop and they checked oil pressur...
when ever i put my car key will see in my dashboard starting rage active and no ignition light shows.why! pleas i need the ignition light first. HELP.
I replace the battery as the car would not start. This was not the cause. I took it to a VW dealer. They have checked all options and cannot find a fault. The engine does not crank at all
Need a timing belt and water pump repair. No existing damage just 80k 10 year old car
I have a VW Touareg V6, 2005; some time ago my check engine light came on. I received a reading from Autozone and was informed it was my O2 sensors. Months later I took "Touarie" to a mechanic and explained the issue ...
dick hannah got one key kind of working- opens doors only second one says not set up for car.
I have replaced the Intake manifold valves, battery, injectors
when driving as i accelerate i hear a noise coming from the passenger side.. also i noticed the gears sticks in the fifth gear but later does down shift
When im on the hwy and my headlight are on when I use my left blinker and slow down to exit. My left head light flashes and my warning like shows a headlight. Then it comes back on.
The digital interface turns on, and the volume indicator will increase when the knob is turned up. I recently had to boost the battery since it died while I was away.
Dealership says both should be replaced at 80K miles.
I have new fuel pumps and filters and a new set of spark plugs idles kind of rough and can't get her to start right away its an 04 touareg 4.2 v8
I've taken it to the shop and was repaired but fan is sporadic now....the fan doesn't always shut off when engine is turned off. The car is not running hot. I'm worried my battery is going to run down because of the...
It's almost like a ringtone type of sound it seems to be coming from the passenger side of the vehicle it was only doing for a few miles of driving now it is extending purchased this car only a few days ago
Looks like the belt is fine, makes some noise, all idiot lights lit up. 08 Touareg V-6 won't go into gear after starting (easy start). Some noise under motor, could be tranny. No issues leading up to this, ran fine...