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driving down the road car quits run ning. now will not start
It is the 50/50 coolant which states that it can be used in all cars, but doesn't say anything about Volkswagen and and doesn't say anything about G12.
We have a 1997 six-cylinder eurovan camper. We've had no problem with the transmission. No sign of any problems. We started it after sitting overnight and transmission fluid started pouring out. We drove about quart...
I have multiple warning lights on. About 8 months ago dealership said probably the ABS controlling and hydrolic modules. I opted not to replace ($2800!) and problem disappeared after reset. Now it has returned. ABS...
This is not the first time this has happened. Car was running just fine, when it was parked, got in it to go somewhere, EPC light came on, almost no power. recently had throttle body redone.
How do I test poblem
i have 140k on my 2010 Passat and the check engine light came said the tensioner and timing chain needs to be replaced (both upper and lower) for about $ this a fair price? What would it cost to...
eventually stalls the engine. driving and / or in park.
outside.they lock and unlock remotely from the out side but cannot open from the inside.
I love my Jetta. It has over 200K miles and it is still running pretty well. Lately, I can accelerate and get power up to about 65-70 miles per hour. After that, it will not give me any more acceleration even with ...
Pulled transmission out of car and can't open it. Seems to be binding where input shaft is. A few springs feel out. One is small and long
Previous owner may have been in passenger-side accident, but there's no external damage around the passenger side door.
Also just beginning to smell burnt oil. 90,000+ miles. Any idea on a fix? Im thinking PVC valve replacement after research.