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The dealership is quoting me $1,300.00

It also makes a popping noise from time to time

My car died and wouldn't start .we tested the battery and alternator and it would read 11.4 then when we tried to crank it ,it would drop to 4 ... we got a new battery and it started up and ran for a day now it dies and will start but die within 5 minutes .. could it be the alternator??

After driving 1,900 miles on a road trip
pulled into the garage at home and it
showed Inspection Now on the dash,??
We did get the 30,000 mile oil change
before we left. The car ran great the
whole time.

Engine light is on so I cant pass a smog check. Car runs fine and leaks just a very small bit of oil..nothing major. Everything else seems to working just fine on the vehicle

Don't seem to have power to fuel pump. While being turned over, there is no fuel coming out of the pump and I have no power to the pigtail at the pump. With it being a two wire plug, is it strictly for the fuel level sending unit?

I have a 2013 VW Passat TDI se
The light just came on last night

Car is part of VW dieselgate so need to do
Repair but I don't want to spend a lot of money

I decided to work on a beetle for s friend. She told me it was a fuel line that got damaged while new fuel pump was installed. Well i fixed the line and now the car wont start. I have fuel to the fuel rail and the spark looks good. Any ideas?

When i go 60 mph the rpm guage goes to 4000 rpm and stays there what's the problem please help asap

Won't crank at all has a copant leak if some kind heat isn't working but won't crank at all help

My car isn't wanting tystart and the alarm is going off even though I unlock it with my key and it still gets triggered and does a dead battery have a part in this whole problem

We are trying to replace it but we do not know where it is located.

When engine shuts off the headlight are now staying on and are very dim. Drains battery

blown head gasket hours and rate please

I have a automatic jetta S with drivable options of sport and/or tiptronic stick shift 5 cylinder gasoline powered vehicle with 2.5 liter engine

Every thing on steering wheel stopped working checked fuses all are good my cruise control stopped my radio control on it stopped all in the same day

Smell goes away when the engine warms up

My car's coolant scale is buck up and down after 5-10 minutes when I was driving

Comes on after car has been running 5-10 minutes

the van does not accelerate at all on the highway... takes a while to get up to 55 miles an hour .... why is something wrong

move when going from one shift to another.

My car accelerate very slowly sense last week

Ticking noise oil light came on check the oil was ok

I'm sure i already know the answer but is there ways to pad s smog check with that code on our do i have to fix it first?

will not go in reverse it is a 5 speed how much is it to fix it and do you have to ripe apart the tranny ? text me the answer at 570 874 9423

I was driving down the road and my speedometer just dropped to 0 mph so i don't know how fast i am going. Just wondering what I need to fix the problem and need to know where the speed sensor is located in the engine bay.

where is there a vw mechanic in hawaii that is good?How much would it cost to fix my oil leak. Its the seal and gasget in the engine?

Listen to radio with engine off and not wear out battery

It is lose and not connected any longer to anything. What do you think for repair fees?

Blow off valve intake exhaust which one would people recommend to start with