OK, I went to Pick N Pull and snagged a brain box and MAF sensor from an 04 Golf. Now it starts and stops right away.
I see a light on the dash that depicts a car in profile with a key running along the running board. Is this a security issue related the ECM swap?

Common causes for ABS light illumination?

I am hearing an air noise under the dash booster. (brake booster )..... Moving the silencer (foam seal) may reduce noise level. Might fix in this way?

Whenever it is plugged in to a code reader it just says no communications

It sounds like the engine struggles between 3000 and 4000 RPM when on the highway at about 60-75 mph. The problem does not occur until I am on the highway. It almost seems like I run out of gear and my car wont shift again to a higher gear. The steering wheel also shakes at this speed but I believe that is because I need an alignment. Are all of these connected? or what can it be?

-On the D position the car remains with the second gear all the time; it never shifts up or down as required, except for R.

Well it leaks.

Any idea how much this will cost to fix ?

I recently purchased my 2003 VW Golf and a few weeks ago changed the oil after noticing it was time to do so (I did it myself). I used the proper oil and such, but now the oil indicator light keeps coming on, usually 10 minutes into my drive, flashes and beeps, but never stays on (just flashing). Is this a malfunction in the car computer or is there something wrong with my oil (I rechecked it, clear, full and fine). Thanx

wondering if the engine would be damaged by making this change now on an 03 model.....

The car has 140,000 miles the belt broke while coasting off an exit

My automatic VW just stated having a delay in changing into fourth gear only. i feel a slight pull back before changing into forth but the RMP's dont jump they stay relatively normal when shifting. the car is not telling me anything is wrorng. does anyone have any idea as to what this could be?

My hatch back lock is suck in the "locked" position. I can insert the key but it will not turn. I cannot access the mechanism from inside, and all attempts with graphite, solvent and compressed air have not worked. Any ideas?