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my car wont start because of the immobilizer wont work,Its one those, old types, where you stick it in by the car, (flashing red light) the immobilizer looks like a usb. How can I disconnect it or bypass it that I g...
The car trys to start but it looks like it don't get no fuel.
Indicator lights went from not working intermittently to blinking twice or four times as fast when activated. When brakes are depressed, left indicator does not work. As soon as brakes are released, indicator work...
after diagnosis it threw code 00515, imobbilizer is ok now what is problem.... heeelp
It start once then no more ,if you take out the pipe from the filFilter,which goes to injectors the car start ,but if u lessen it look like the is an overfloat,and no power
I was told to check the gear oil. if its low what kind or type of oil do i put in it. volkswagon 98 cabrio 2.0 engine 5 spd thx
Hello I managed to take out the old distributor cap in my 97 VW Golf, but I can put on the the new one back in it's place, the clamps ton't reach and wont close properly, what am I doing wrong, I can't even put on bac...
I wanted to know how much is the average cost to fix this problem if it is in fact the reverse gear itself
inop odmeter/speedmeter..replaced cluster/and speed sensoir
i have replaced the cluster/speed sensoir/and checked the fues still the odmeter /speedmeter still does not work need help
i lost the keys to my 1997 golf chico 1600 I have replaced the ignition key but what can i do to disable or bypass the immobiliser , at presnt the car is sat in the garage and i cant start it
when i put the car in reverse it make an extremly loud whine with slight grinding sound. its a 5 speed an it goes in reverse fine just the noise is awful, it dont slip.
97 golf volkswagen will idle in park but when put into gear, drive or reverse it stalls out. It will start right up again and idle in park. Car has automatic transmission
I have lost all the coolant out of my 1997 VW Golf 2.0L car. It has leaked out from the passenger side of the firewall. Is this a heater core issue? I pulled over on the side of the road when it started to heat up ...
i have a 97 volkswagon jetta golf and when its really hot outside and it gets hot in the car or even under the hood while its sitting there it want start but when its cool outside it will start right up what might be ...