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Cannot charge phone both plugs not working
I just got home and pushed the button to put my top back up and nothing is happening. Is there a manual override or some other way to get the top to close? We are supposed to get rain soon so I need some ideas ASAP
I have replaced the MAP sensor, It initially had a leaking pipe which i replaced too but the car error wont go. Before replacing the leaking tube, it had issues like jacking and hard start which seems not to be the...
how do your replace the latch handle, can't figure how to get clip in to secure the latch handle to release the hood. The original sheared off.
My mechanic says it is not the bulbs. It is somewhere in the harness. Replacing the whole assembly for both is 1000.00 There has to be a less expensive way to deal with poor design. Any suggestions?
have check the swotck scanned it no relay codes
I drive a 2008 Beetle, and I've begun to realize that I'm not the only person in this car with an auxiliary jack problem. I got it new, but I only recently discovered the issue because I never had a cable until now. W...
The EVAP system is leaking and I want to know more about it and how it works and how long can I go long with?
I get 27-29 miles per gallon on the highway.
VW suggests replacing the top for $2500. Some DIYers with other cars have had success with 3M VHB tape. Have any VW beetle owners tried it?
this morning I let the top down and all the windows went down fine. When i got home and tried to let them up, all went up except the driver side front. No clicking noise. Nothing
The car is always garaged and I live in Fla so no freezing weather
while drivng as a passenger i felt a wobble in the rear of the car ...took it to the dealer they said you have a broken rear axel..and on the left rear the cv joint was leaking grease..needs to be replace...My quest...