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I was working in my 2001 beetle and disconnect the battery for about 4 days when I was done i connected it again and the car didn't work and showed p0606 code... The car was running good I just replaced head gasket, t...
It is the 50/50 coolant which states that it can be used in all cars, but doesn't say anything about Volkswagen and and doesn't say anything about G12.
replaced battery and read i need the code for my anti-theft radio so car can reprogram itself. Won't turn over - nothing. Battery is new and charged. Help
Put on new Plugs and new fuel enjectpr
I've replaced fuel pump,crank sensor,cam sensor, and mass airflow sensor. It still won't start.
It looks like the locking mechanism is not moving into the lock position. You can pull the red string and the locking mechanism moves back a little.
The coolant level light did not come on once, even during several hundred mile trips, until we got the oil changed. We are losing coolant, just don't know from where. Could it be something to do with the oil filter ...
Got diagnostic test done
Secondary and injection system incorrect flow
The times they run they seem to run fast. Hazard lights seem to rum fine
cylinders 1@2 misfire po300,po301,po507,po171 b1,p1296. All are on now
I just got home and pushed the button to put my top back up and nothing is happening. Is there a manual override or some other way to get the top to close? We are supposed to get rain soon so I need some ideas ASAP
My check engine light came on with the code P2181. The guy who checked it out said to check the coolant level and he turned the light off. When I checked the coolant level, its fine. It's not below the minimum line at...
vehicle starts also in accessory mode-ie. turning the key backwards, wipers inop as well as blower fan
i recently had the window regulators replaced because the back windows did not go down, i thought this would fix the issue however it did not. anyone recommend a good honest repair shop that specialzes in this type of...
I recently wrecked my 2007 beetel on the back passenger side. Their is a fluid line located their that I noticed broken due to the wreck, I would like to know how important this is to my car. If it will cause any typ...
Trouble began a month ago. The engine would continued to run after a couple of starts but now will not stay running!