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It looks like the locking mechanism is not moving into the lock position. You can pull the red string and the locking mechanism moves back a little.
it used to crank when it cool off and something is killing the battery now it won't crank at all
After having the oil and oil filter changed along with the air filter changed for some reason the car started stalling out on us and then when we could get it to go it would act as if it was dying out but with constan...
We've replaced the plugs, cleaned the MAF, had it on a computer with no codes. The check engine lights don't come on and it hiccups trying to keep from stalling at an idle speed. I've had the vw dealer look at it and ...
i replaced the transmission and the transmission only had 30,000 miles on it and it was a different transmission than the one in the car and i took it to the diagnostic code and that was no help was hoping someone cou...
will having the asr/esp light on cause damage to engine
Wipers will slow way down, stop and will have to force them down....is motor dying?
My compressor turns on and its 80 degrees outside. It has around 75 pounds in the low side. I haven't ever done a e thing to it. It blows but not cold air. Didn't know if I needed to clean something or what.
The car will often fail to start. Engine cranks but doesn't even try to catch. Dealership garage no help. Has anyone had this problem and if so what was the solution?
Car looks new and drives great except for an occasional "jerking" in the automatic shifting of lower gears. It doesn't happen every time but is noticeable when it does. There are no engine warning lights coming on. Th...
the window has had problems before, however the mirror just started and is running constantly....had to unhook battery to make it stop