2004 Volkswagen Beetle Questions

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blown head gasket hours and rate please

Smell goes away when the engine warms up

Could it be because of accident? Was working fine before. Insurance company fighting fixing it.

Shifted fine then just stuck in first gear

The light will come on and off something, so I was wondering if I need to add.

disconnected the ground on the battery to clear the code. drove approximately 15 miles and thats when the low oil warning light came on ! the check eng light never came back on. it has oil in it but not running right. Please tell me, if I just need to drain the oil, change the filter. Or anything else that might help. the oil looks fine. just darkish and dirty.

Why would the cat need to be replaced with less than 30,200 miles on it?
Is this a recall item? Can I get it replaced by VW

Changed battery on 2004 Volswagen beetle now while driving if you come to a complete stop
You have to manually gear down to pull out. It doesn't let you move in

After taking off the water pump on my 2004 vw bettle there was oil, gas,andwater mixed tigather. What would cause this to happen

It just started happening on one side. The window goes up half way and then immediately goes back down all the way.

The coolant level light did not come on once, even during several hundred mile trips, until we got the oil changed. We are losing coolant, just don't know from where. Could it be something to do with the oil filter or O ring?