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When we start the car in you hear the turbo whine and then after a minute it stops. It also kicks in during the drive without even asking for it (accelerating).
the air-bag warning indicator light is 90% on; what would be causing this problem?
the seatbelt indicator light is 90% on, and won't shut off; what would the problem be?
My airbag light indicator is always on. What's wrong with it?
replace timingbelt & waterpump&thermostat
/30/11- Driving home, on a highway over 40 mph, car was erratic as driving on ice, FRIGHTENING, would not stay in the lane, especially after hitting bumps. it was ok, as long as no bumps, I noticed yesterday, when I...
Trunk door does not open. When the hatch door button is pressed the clicking sound is still heard but the door remains locked and shut.
I don't have a OM Manual on order but have not received.Two lights have just come on today but don't know what they mean??What does check engine light and temperature light or oil light look like??
Do turn signals use a fuse? I plugged in a heated car seat 2 weeks ago into the cigarette lighter outlet, and it blew a fuse or two. My seatbelt light stays on and now both turn signals don't work.
Change timing belt at 70,000 miles 2002 turbo s vw beetle has has 120,000 when do i need to change it again?
if engine has seized up due no motor oil will it still make a noise like it's trying to start when you turn the key, or will it make NO sound at all? and is there a safety kill switch somewhere that i might be able to...
My daughter call me cause her 2002 beetle died. She noticed it losing power then it just died at a stop sigh. When I got it home I noticed the oil plug was GONE and battery dead. Charged battery, filled oil and checke...
we were checking the fuses with the key turned on and now it won't start, the fuel pump not turning on.
This is my daughters car, she just drives it until it breaks and then I supposed to fix it. She drove it to its current location, when leaving it started but died, will start but dies continually.