and it just keeps on cranking and wont start but I left it for a couple days and it started for like 5 mins then died again what might be the problem

Can this cause a check engine light after so many starts with the light on?

Broken grey left door handle grip

code reader says it could be a solenoid in the trans, or the control module. any ideas.

EPC light transmission light.

only way in is back seat

It appears to be 3 chimes of 3 each.

Struggles to climb hills and high fuel use, lack of power all the time. spark plugs already checked.

what do i need to know about about front control arms

have removed interior door-trim panel, and all hex screws from interior metal panel, but still can not get off. I need to put window glass back on track. How do I get it off, and also, secure glass on track, so it STAYS ? Thaanks, Rob.

My beetle drives and runs great, but when I try to switch from R to D or D to P it whines like someone's trying to crank it while it's already crank.

When i start the Car, it comes on along with a signal with a circle too, the other sign that comes is a circle with a triangle in the middle..check engine light is on too