Runs well most of the time but will cut out while driving does not stall out

When I start the car I hear a grinding at the rear spoiler like gears are not going together, but it stays in open position. I cannot find switch in car! Help!

Started doing this 2 weeks ago, but eventually started. Now. starts and then stops. wont take fuel

I had a diagnostic done at Auto Zone and it said the bug misfired and the fuel injector missed... I need to know what needs done next.

The times they run they seem to run fast. Hazard lights seem to rum fine

cylinders 1@2 misfire po300,po301,po507,po171 b1,p1296. All are on now

Trouble began a month ago. The engine would continued to run after a couple of starts but now will not stay running!

car has been overheating, seem to have that solved. But now have warm heat at idle and cool air when driving. WP, thermastat and housing, coolant cap, flush and heater core flushed/back flushed.

When getting on the interstate one night the car just died. Got it towed back to the house, checked the fuses, changed the crankshaft sensor, changed the fuel pump, added fuel and still it won't run. Every now and then it will start up but then it will die within minutes of being started. What is wrong with my car? :(