There's a hole in the oil cooler of this 2000 VW Beetle and I think I've found the part online but how much would it cost roughly to have it replaced at a shop? I can't seem to find out through the repair estimate tool. Thanks!

replaced starter, new battery, new speed sensor. After sitting 2 days, car has to be jump started. Maybe needs alternator or coil or a relay?

Is there a seal leak somewhere that is allowing moisture inside? I also noticed a puddle of water on the left passenger back side (actually large) after a heavy rain, all windows closed, sun roof closed, I had to use a shop vac but felt water in between the frame and the carpet. (I need to remove the back seats and remove the carpet to clean it up)
My gas door never has closed and I am wondering if water can leak though there? It is on the same side.

I put a scanner on it and it gave 2 codes 16726 camshaft sensor and 16486 mass airflow to low. I replaced the cam sensor and inspected the timing belt it looks ok even though the car has 75,000 miles on it. when I try to start it, it sounds like the starter is spinning but not engaging I the timing belt nor the serpentine belt pulleys are moving when I try to start it? is the engine blown?

where should I look since the panic button will not shut it off. Have to let it cycle and it be OK the latest if the passenger door opens up while it is running it will go off also. Where should I look.

Can't seem to find anywhere to get this part. It the digital plate behind the face plate of the radio. My preset radio buttons #2 & #3 are stuck/broken and its located on this digital component. I need it to start/.reprogram my cars computer so I can start this trouble-making car of miner. Anyone know where I can find???

replaced battery and read i need the code for my anti-theft radio so car can reprogram itself. Won't turn over - nothing. Battery is new and charged. Help

Got diagnostic test done

Secondary and injection system incorrect flow

Had a Crack in the expansion tank with a BAD leak all of a sudden. Heat light never came on. Probably due to quick notice of leak. Replaced the Expansion Tank, Refilled with Proper Fluid, now the Red Lamp Light for Heat on Dash is Flashing, and Beeping. Do we need to reset sensor? Or is Sensor bad now? Never had this problem before.