When changing gears it bucks and if you push accelerator petal to floor no response

I just bought this Beetle and it was sitting for atleast a year and a half. I replace the fuel filter and I cannot get this car running. When it does start it has a very inconsistent idle. Could this be bad gas from sitting? Any help would be great.

but as soon as you hit the gas it will die what would be the cause of that?

win i gas up

if I remove tail light bilbs 3rd brake light will work I have a new 3rd brake lights and new bulbs for tail lights with new sockets as well can any one point memin the right direction

There does't appear to be any leakage.

Once it is hot and turned off. after a while it will not start until I open the gas cap a wait about ten minuites.
Starts fine when cold or after have the gas cap off for a while. Turns over but will not fire up?