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Mazda Mazda3 Vibration Felt at 55 mph

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A vibration felt at 55 mph may not be a tire problem. Mazda has revised motor mounts available which may help remedy this problem.

heavy vibration begins over 60 and gets worse as speed increases - bought new tires, didn't help, double checked balance and alignment at two shops - didn't help - new front rotors and pads - didn't help. Next step is checking mounts - -
vibration at 65 mph ... tires already changed, aligned and balanced -
Intense steering wheel vibration begins at 55 and worsens as speed increases. Loud road noise. I bought new tires, had them balanced, then re-balanced, but still no improvement. I have noticed my car vibrates when in drive with the brakes on, but not when I put it in neutral. I see a lot of comments on motor mount issues... -
Driving at around 60 MPH I feel that the body (not the steering wheel) vibrates. Al 4 tires repalced and balanced including dynamic (on the car) blancing and still the problem not fixed. -
We picked up a shimmy/vibration at 70 mph, and it was intermittent, sometimes to the point of slowing down to 20 mph to get it to stop. We thought it might be the roads, but we got all 4 tires replaced and the alignment done and no change. It's really bad in a side wind (this could be wind getting under the hood and yanking it around), but we're tired of spending money on it. Our tires also had severe wear on the outsides. -
car accelerates fine without issue until around 60 mph then starts to vibrate when foot is on the accelerator. Only shakes when accelerating and worse up hills, no problems going past 60 when just coasting -
Body shaking at 55+ mph. Shakes badly enough that it shook the window mounts loose on the driver side window. New tires, replaced bent rim in front, wheels balanced and aligned. Two mechanics stated that there were no visible front end or suspension issues. -
had the front and rear brakes replaced, new tires, front struts and rear rotor, wheel alignment fixed. Why is there still a noise in front right of the car???? I will never buy a Mazda again. I will stick to Nissan's as they never give me problems. Shame on you Mazda for making shitty cars!! -
my car has always shaken no matter how many times my tires are rotated and realigned. New tires does not help the problem -
I'm having this problem too - the car shakes more than the wheel itself. It vibrates up through the car. The dealership said it's suspension actually - struts, links, etc. Very very expensive fixes. I don't know anything about cars so not sure what I'll do. -
my mazda was driving fine one day, and the next time I drove it was shaking like my rims were filled with snow. Being from a snowy climate this has happened before. I checked tires and rims to find nothing throwing them out of balance, as well the steering is stable and does not shake, therefore i was thinking it may be something bigger... like a motor moving around a bit -
having the same problem and did the same thing as the other person on here .the only thing i can think it can be the shaft . the center one -
I started feeling vibration when I got up to 55. My tires are not even a year old and I get them rotated every 5,000 miles. I noticed vibration about a week after they rotated them so I brought my car back to the tire shop a couple weeks later to check the tires out. They said that the tires were fine and not out of balance or anything. I had the tire guy drive my car and he felt the vibration but couldnt explain it. Now it is even worse and started to vibrate between 65 and 70. I got on the freeway and it is on a sharp corner the whole front end started shaking so hard I thought my motor was going to fall out. Someone told me that it sounded like a lose motor mount. The vibration is in the whole body of the car....almost bouncy and sometimes the steering wheel just vibrates. Still not fixed -
viabration at 55mpr -
shaking at 55mph....5 different mechanics swore it was my tires did the front and rear shocks/struts front axle balanced tires 5x and aligned the car HOPING it is the motor mounts! -
Rumbling coming into steering column starting at about 60mph. Still searching for the cause. -
Vibration right 60 mph and gets worse as speed increases. Rebalanced tires three times with no change. -
I am too feeling the vibration at speed of 60mph -
vibration at 55 mph,had tires ballanced and re-ballanced. Dealer cannot say for sure engine mounts will solve the problem. Said, best to live with the problem. -
Felt like R. Front strut not working- like oversteer or sway more to R. than L. but no vertical rebound with compression. Replaced strus anyway. Felt a little better but then noise like CV joint loose- intermittent rattle worse turning to left. Then noise suddenly got very bad, loud grinding, went immediately to shop, driveability not affected! Was a failed R. motor mount, approx $200.00 (records in storage). Now 115750 mi & no other problems with motor mounts. -
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