Turns over nice but wont start. on 1993 Chevrolet Blazer

93Blazer wont start.Been in garage for 3 years.I love it when it ran.Doesent have a scratch or ding on it. just doesn't run.when it ran it ran very good.I got tired of taking it to the dealership and not soving the problem but i payed. 4.3VortecEng.I love this blazer.Battery is new.

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If the engine in your 1993 Chevrolet Blazer is an "enhanced" vortec with the fuel injector inside the intake manifold, some common issues would be low fuel pressure, corrosion inside the distributor cap, or a failed fuel injector.
S10-93C/Blz. is Enhanc Vortec Eng.Ive cked the sugested.At one time it would start up,run for a few mins. then die.Sometimes i thought it was going to keep run n.i would get in drv.down road a mile or two and it would act like run n out of gas then die.The eng.looks just like new,,its been very well taken care of.but now this problem.I cant seam to fig.out .Eng.never Burned oil .or missed .ive replc.nearly all sencers.&filters.Wires,plugs,cap.General tune up stuff. OKC.dealershp.failed.I enjoyed. this SUV.very drv.Gone on many long trips.Need more help.Thank you for reply.Im the only owner.bought bran floor. God bless