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I get power to the unit in the cab as it lights up. When I turn any of the switches, nothing works. I have a good compressor, and just changed out the resistor under the hood and that did nothing. What else could it be?
My AC on my 2000 blazer is blowing warm tried re-charging but gauge says that the pressure on the low side is high when the compressor is engaged when not engaged it reads 20psi or below but when engaged it is runs up...
I let it sit awhile with hood open, and come back a couple hours later, and it starts 1st try. It seems it always happens after raining. My sons 1994 S-10 Blazer does the same thing.
It hesitates at idle when I give it gas and makes a puffing sound. It also acts like it's going to die when I first start it, but right before it should stall out it jumps to around 2500 rpms then works its way back d...
every time i mash down on the gas petal while driving it seems its not getting enough fuel, it hesitates and not getting any power. I got a diagnostic done on it and its telling me Its running rich
My Blazer goes into alarm by locking and unlock door, flashing lights, interior light come on. What might be my problem.
Intermittedly, our passenger door will not unlock.. We have to play with the switch to get it to there a recall on this?
i was told it was located under the motor by the starter, nope
The last time I imported a 2nd hand front bumper, it cost me about $700 :(
all I realy need to do is change ruptured preesure line.can I do this without pulling pump?
My ac blower was not working on any speed. I changed resister and now it works on high only. Any ideas on why 3 other speeds don't work ?
My car lost power going up a hill. The RPM went up to 3-4 and the speed decreased from 70-30 MPH. The car then started again and I got it up to about 50 and then 70 but then back down to 30 and then eventually the car...
my truck needs 4 to 5 turns to start and when it does it ticks when i accelerate and while idle
when I try pumping gas into my blazer it will only take about 10 cents at a time
I was driving the blazer and it was making squeaky noises from the passenger rear tire it felt like the tire blew I pulled over and put the car in park when I went to put it in drive the drive shaft spins and it won't...
It wouldn't accelerate at all. It spluttered and back fired died then when you start it there acceleration for a bit then lose power again. Then lost drive gear and had to use second. Now there's no gears at all excep...
actuator is pulling with vaccum. Light is flashing back to 4wheel high not engauging in 2wheel or 4 wheel low.
I remove all the bolts from the pan, the housing. Also the remove the starter. The pan just won't come off.