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I replaced the rotar cap and distributor button. Put new plugs and wires. Changed the injector and it still wont start. It ran fine and it just cut off so i replaced all those thinking it would help. It turns over and gets spark and fuel. I tried spraying starter fluid in and it still wouldnt start. I have no idea what to do. What could the problem be. I have a obd2 book scanner6830 but it said no dtc. I dont know what to do. Can someone please help.

The tail gate on the car is ajar so the glass hatch will not open. Does any one know how to get into this type of rear. I can only get the panel off part of the way. Top middle.

All the parts seem to be working ok .

the car ran before I installed the new parts, missed real bad.

I put fuel filter, cap, rotor, wires, plugs, and pickup in distributor, gets fire to plugs but won't start.

Have run intake cleaner in gas, and direct. No help. Air filter brand new.

Thought I might need to shim the starter but that didn't help either someone help me out

rearend diferental pion Bearing seal &labor

My E break light was on constantly at one point now it flashes an alarm will sound. Ive checked the E break itself an its all the unengaged an works properly when engaged. Fluid level is full. Im going to replace the breaks this weekend. Could it be anything else?

Have to start blazer in neutral. Any advice how to fix it?

replaced fuel pump and filter. Strong spark, yet no fireup. Don't get it.

After Filling the radiator I lose all my water in a stream can only go about 10 miles before refilling

How many foot pounds?

My fluid us coming out of transmission dipstick why how can I fix this

The fluid comes out of the transmission dipstick why how can I fix this problem

Gas hand wont come above e and the guy said it may be a fuse.

Once it gets warm and say i stop somewhere and turn the engine off when i come back to the truck it wont start for at least 2 or more hours.. please help me this ive replaced the fuel pump 4 months ago..

I bought a tranny 4l60e 4.3 4x4, it came out of a 1999 blazer i hve a 01. heres the problem after i put it in when i went to start it as soon as i turned the key the truck started an i dnt hve it turned to the starting position also the startet stays engaged it only does this in park or reverse thats the first problem second is i assumed my leakage was off because the car wont go into park. Once i take it out it already had that problem with the old transmission it drove in neutral i thought wuth the new trans that would b fixed plz help im baffled here any advice would b appreciated.

Could it be tccm ? 2000 blazer

My rear driver's side rear brake are smoking

4 Wheel drive stopped working now the light just blinks . any ideas ? Thanks

if I install a straight pipe in place of a catolitic converter will it pass emissions test?

Already had a fuel pump, starter, alternator,and new battery but still take a long time to turn over

It w on't start just turns over getting gas and file filter is good

the smog place told him fuel ejecter

Someone told me it was starter, then someone else says it a sensor. I'm confused. It runs for awile then out of nowhere it shuts off. It has gas

I can drove my truck for about ten minutes then it starts to miss fire and die. Has a error code 43 which said it was the knock sensor circuit. Replaced knock sensor and pigtail as well as fuel pump relay. Can't figure it out any help would be much appreciated.

83 K-5 washer fluid squirting constantly when wipers are turned on. I replaced the motor and the switch and still it happens. I see nothing wrong with the wiring and it's all original wiring any ideas?

This is new problem but key won't turn in either direction and steering wheel won't turn at all

Why's it run like a new one when I get it started and still has a small hesitation in starting it afterwards unless it's it's four five six days then it's hard to start

Random miss occurs only at idle and only when at normal operating temp and only when the AC compressor is running. Not throwing any codes.