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When I put the truck in drive it jerks and sometimes when it changes to a higher gear !
When I put into aut 4hi or low I get a service 4wd message. All of the lights on the selector switch work and only one comes on for selected. Occasionally you can notice the 4hi working in sharp turns or backing up. 4...
the rubber gasket around the insert that is supposed to hold the MAP sensor tight is old and worn out. if that is causing a vacuum leak would a leak in that location cause the engine to backfire and lose power when i ...
I own a 200 chevy tracker for some reason the key will not turn and the steering is locked. But the automatic shifter will pull out of park So frustrated
I took it to a transmission shop they think it is the transfer case how can i be sure before i spend money to replace something that may not fix the issue?
Checked fuse under steering is fine. Bulbs are not burnt out. they just stopped working one evening.
The ignition key will not turn steering is locked but will shift to neutral. The ignition was fine when parked steering fine. Since engine has been put back in we cannot move it or start it. Please help
Switch changed due to "4wd service needed" warning on IP and because car would, without warning change to 4hi and low. Switched changed today with a Dorman 901-072 and seemed to work okay until I tried car in 4hi and ...
Engine shake at idle when cold in drive until reaches full operating temperature and runs smooth. It runs smoother when I shift it in reverse while idling even before it reaches full operating temperature. Engine is 4...
what is the cost of an engine shaft alignment...
The knock sensor broke off when it was being removed from the block, the threads are still there and have been filed down. Working space is very limited..difficult to reach. How can the remaining threads be removed?
I stopped at a gas station filled up, used the restroom. As I was walking back to the car a loud bang occur. Like a tire blew out. I then noticed fluid running out on the ground green in color. Proir to this I just pi...
It stalls after about fifteen seconds after pouring gas in the carb.
It just started without indicating any problems prior.
All lights alarm etc work and truck clicks just won't start
1st the lower 2 speeds stopped now the upper 2 have stopped as well. What's going on? I already changed the speed control relay that is next to the blower & still nothing.
1st the 2 lower speeds went now the 2 upper stopped as well I changed speed control relay under the hood next to the blower but still nothing. What's going on???