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Mechanic charged it two years ago. Had a little problem getting the clutch to engage. He fiddled around a bit on the compressor and it worked. Getting the same symptoms now after I charged it with the kit that I bought. Does the clutch have a separate relay to engage. The compressor turns okay. Did a little reading online would like to perform some tests to see if I have to change the compressor. Where do I find the clutch relay If there is one and the low pressure switch . Which could be the problem. As it stands right now is blowing warm air with all controls at full throttle.

First time this has occurred.

Once I put air in tire light goes out. Had car serviced, mechanics say tired r good condition

It has spark, good compression. 110 to 120. It still wont start. I tried stared fluid still wont start. what next???

Truck will not shift fro 2nd gear to 3rd gear.

this alarm is a constant.Does this have to do with my engine?

I recently had my check engine light flash, looked into the problem realize I had a misfire and replace my spark plugs. Now on occasion when stopped at a stop sign or light it feels like my car is going to die, shut off completely, but then catches its self and "reeves" like normal. My question is any idea what it could be and/or should I not be worried ?

Pedal goes to floor

The raditor that's bolts down to car frame . Can't fugue out how to put them back on . Plus I think my raditor is not up high enough

after i tearing it apart i found a cracked in half planetary gear ,so replaced both planetary g. the case all the friction plates the oil pump and gaskets and seals . used tthe same steals servo pist. and solenoids put back in tahoe and now i have 1st , 2nd ,& reverse gear 3rd & 4th or overdrive is like shifting back in neural if any ideas befor i start tearing into it would be helpful

The engine won't crank

Part is 60$ amazon 172$ Chevy dealer'.They claim 3Hr work for 300$ total cost 472$ is this correct. Thx Ron

they said it is a safety issue but I have to pay out of pocket because waranty is over with.

If I try to give the truck gas when increasing speed it hesitates before going faster

Bleeding air out

Putting radiator back in car n can't get the lines to stay un

I replaced the rotar cap and distributor button. Put new plugs and wires. Changed the injector and it still wont start. It ran fine and it just cut off so i replaced all those thinking it would help. It turns over and gets spark and fuel. I tried spraying starter fluid in and it still wouldnt start. I have no idea what to do. What could the problem be. I have a obd2 book scanner6830 but it said no dtc. I dont know what to do. Can someone please help.

it does not over heat, but i lose all accelleration power when it get's noisy. but it only happens intetmently.

so when I am looking at my caprice from behind it is tilting a bit to right

It comes on then the next time I get in its off.

The truck has set for 7 years. I have changed: plugs and plug wires, rotar and distributor cap, sensor on throttle body, and of course all of my fluids.

ac doesn't work until outside temp suddenly jumps up to 30 degrees

Idles fine when started then on takeoff acts like it wants to stop. Sputtering then it's like it catches and goes. Runs ok driving down the road but then shuts off when I come to a stop unless I hold break and keep foot on gas Erving engine

Car doesn't even crank over.Checked fuses in fuse box and they are all good.

I changed a sensor in camshaft. How long til check engine lite goes off?

When I cut my air or A/C on, it only blows when I set it to the max setting. When I turn the switch down, no air or anything blows at all. I need to know if this is a fuse problem or what ?

When do brake pads and/or rotors get replaced and how can I tell?

Oil is running down behind the oil filter area and oil pressure guage needle barely moves at all.

The tail gate on the car is ajar so the glass hatch will not open. Does any one know how to get into this type of rear. I can only get the panel off part of the way. Top middle.

All the parts seem to be working ok .