Dodge Durango Problem Report

Dodge Durango Transfer Case

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Shifts into 4 wheel drive without warning the actuator will be functioning with the key out of the durango and no one in it. Very dangerous -
Transfer Case Needs to be replaced. Used with 14K miles for $700 plus $400 labor. New would be $2,100 plus $400 labor -
When we unlock/lock the doors we can hear a clicking noise under the truck. Sometimes while driving or taking a tight turn I can feel the 4x4 kick in. -
Changes into 4x4 on its own... Clicking when I hit the remote door locks.....transfer case keeps trying to switch to 4x4 -
Shifts into 4wd high and lo by itself, can hear it shifting when opening car doors with remote key. -
Something electronic is wrong with the transfer case or something. 4 different mechanics and still not fixed -
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