Transfer Case on Dodge Durango

Average mileage: 139,814 (13,600–220,000)
Drive Train affected: 4WD
7 model years affected: 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, more2004, 2005, 2006
28 people reported this problem
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problem details
2006 Dodge Durango - 4WD 150,000 mi,
When we unlock/lock the doors we can hear a clicking noise under the truck. Sometimes while driving or taking a tight turn I can feel the 4x4 kick in.
2006 Dodge Durango - 4WD 150,000 mi,
Changes into 4x4 on its own... Clicking when I hit the remote door locks.....transfer case keeps trying to switch to 4x4
vehicle locked in 4 wheel low
2006 Dodge Durango - 4WD 111,545 mi,
Shifts into 4 wheel drive without warning the actuator will be functioning with the key out of the durango and no one in it. Very dangerous
2005 Dodge Durango - 4WD 152,700 mi,
Same issue with the transfer case randomly shifting in and out of 4 lock and 4 low on it's own while driving at lower speeds. Continues to shift in and out of 4WD when stopped and key is out. Sometimes starts shifting in and out of 4WD when door is opened before starting. The transfer case had attempted to shift on interstate and made a terrible grinding sound last week. Service 4WD light sometimes comes on and I take to the mechanic. Have taken to mechanics several times and they can't determine exactly what is going on. Forward Control Module possibly? Today on the interstate while traveling at 65-70 mph on inside lane the 4wd light came on and then the transfer case apparently disintegrated while shifting and I lost all power instantly which almost caused me to wreck as I had to cross three lanes of moderate traffic coasting with no power, engine revved but no power to the trans-axle. How this is not a recall item recommended by the NTSB to Dodge is unbelievable as this is a fairly commonplace occurrence and definitely a safety hazard worthy of a recall.
2005 Dodge Durango - 4WD 75,000 mi,
Transfer Case Needs to be replaced. Used with 14K miles for $700 plus $400 labor. New would be $2,100 plus $400 labor
2003 Dodge Durango - 4WD 167,000 mi,
Fells like ots stuck in 4hign want ho into overdrive, here noise from tires , put it in 4high sounds like the bottoms going to fall out click clank
2004 Dodge Durango - 4WD 144,000 mi,
Clicking noise under car... even at times when the car is turned off! Also, that clicking noise sounds like an air compressor firing a blast of air. the car will sometimes not move when I begin to pressing the gas pedal it will go really sluggish as if it's stuck on something then gradually work its way out and drive normally. I sent something serious with the transfer case or transmission going on
2005 Dodge Durango - 4WD 122,000 mi,
Haven't fixed it yet. Shifts into 4lo driving down the interstate. Frustrating!!!
2006 Dodge Durango - 4WD 175,000 mi,
For some time noise from transfer case when locking and unlock doors with electronic key. Now most recently while driving their will be a ding and a service 4 wheel drive light will come on.
2006 Dodge Durango - 4WD 140,000 mi,
Randomly goes in and out of 4WD
2005 Dodge Durango - 4WD 120,000 mi,
Something electronic is wrong with the transfer case or something. 4 different mechanics and still not fixed
2005 Dodge Durango - 4WD 114,000 mi,
Service 4wd light comes on the dash, then when trying to make a turn the truck goes into 4lo. Need to stop and put into park and start again.
2005 Dodge Durango - 4WD 138,000 mi,
Shifts into 4wd high and lo by itself, can hear it shifting when opening car doors with remote key.
2005 Dodge Durango - 4WD 170,000 mi,
I pulled up to my job one night and that's when my vehicle starting acting like it didn't want to pull into the parking spot. Then I tried to reverse it and my wheels felt like they locked up. The next morning the vehicle drove fine until I parked the vehicle and turned the vehicle off and heard a metal shifting noise under my SUV.... when it was turned off. I thought how weird!! I took my vehicle to be checked by to repair shops and they couldn't figure it out. Their diagnostic couldn't pick up any codes. Both repair shops said "my vehicle shouldn't be acting like it wants to go into 4Lo while the vehicle is off" They thought it was weird. The question they wanted me to ask Dodge was how is this possible???? They said that Dodge knows the problem that their just not telling us. They feel it's a total recall!! I AGREE!! Its scarry to drive like this but I'm a single mom and this is the only vehicle that I have! I have to go to work to provide for my family! Now I have an appt with Dodge next Tuesday to see what is going on. Maybe Dodge has it set for us to come and pay all this money to them for a transfer case! The repair shops stated that they didn't have the equipment to fix the transfer case even if it was the problem. ONLY DODGE can fix my problem. I'm looking at a $1,500, 1,800 bill if it's a transfer case! I DONT HAVE THAT KIND OF MONEY right now!! Lord help me!!! I will never purchase another Dodge vehicle and I thought about getting the 2016...NO WAY!!
2004 Dodge Durango 220,000 mi,
SVC4wd light comes on and off. Sometimes it feels like a very low gear (creeper) especially when turning left. Shutting it off and back on will usually reset the problem. I'm going to unplug the transfer case motor to see if that stops the problem. If so, I'll replace the motor. It costs about $150 and it is easy to replace.
2004 Dodge Durango - 4WD 130,000 mi,
vehicle will shift in and out of 4wd while off. sometimes when i press the buttons on the key fob it will shift. when it's colder it seems to work find and will stay in awd. but now that it's warmer it has shifted to 4lo and will not come out of it.
2002 Dodge Durango - 4WD 130,000 mi,
Pooping in awd and 4x4
2005 Dodge Durango - 4WD 188,000 mi,
Transfer case shifted itself into neutral at highway speeds after multiple troubleshooting visits to dealer. Then it shifted itself back into Low 4WD when starting for troubleshooting, lurching forward unexpectedly. Dealer claimed at first problem was unequal tire pressure, then advised us to replace all four tires when that failed to solve the problem. Next trip stranded us in middle of shoulder-less highway after transfer case shifted itself into neutral at highway speeds. While starting it to try to troubleshoot issue, it shifted itself into Low 4WD, and lurched forward. Thank God no one was standing in front of the vehicle, or Dodge would be sued for loss of life!
2004 Dodge Durango - 4WD 150,000 mi,
My 2004 dodge durango just started doing the same thing. It shifts into low at slow speed specially when I turn the wheels.