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Air conditioner worked fine when I first bought the car, took it to the dealership to get an oil change at 24,000 miles and my AC failed as I pulled in, asked them to run a check on my AC system and was told there wer...
it works fine as long as water is in it,but it leaks out.
While I am driving between 40 and 70 mph, if I let off the gas just enough to keep my speed constant (not accelerating, but not decelerating either), I get a high-pitch whine from the front right area of the car. Has ...
The battery was dead on the car, we charged it, put it back in and the horn started to blow, won't quit, electrical systems don't work, shifter is locked. Is it a fuse, and where is it?
if i reset the light it does not work right, its on but it works good.
car hit me as i was coming out of parking lot. part of car surround wheel is caved in.