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I have brought my car to a mechanic a few times because my car is slow to brake when I press down on my brakes. They tell me my brake pads have 75% left on them, is it just the pads? Or should I replace them anyway. Any help is appreciated!

I was in a roll in accident the vehicle that hit me at 2-3mph cracked my rear tail light. I need to know exactly what parts and labor would cost to fix/ repair the cracked tail light? Thank you.

If a little kid stuffed some snow into your exhaust pipe and then you let it run would the car eventually fil with carbon monoxide?

it started when the car stopped to turn on the ignition(I am suspecting that the wires contacted water) and underneath the killos its written TrapB, please assist

Ive changed the fuse and things like that

I was listening for a noise I thought came from my exhaust . I found an opening on the side of the trans. It looks as though a gasket or seal of some kind goes there but I can not find the part at all any help?

a burning smell by altinator, started 2 days ago, or it might be a stuck valve

I've tryid evrythng now but it dsnt seems to work wht else cn it b

When I use the turn signal or brake the radio cuts out for one second or the head lights dim and sometimes the steering gets stiff is there a solution to this problem without going to the dealer Just started but seams to be getting more frequent

This wasn't something that I experienced in the first few years of owning my car. I have not had any work done on the AC to date, and the car has about 170k miles on it. The car sounds really loud (it rattles) when the AC is on, especially at a stop or while idling.

I've adapted to not using it (I just make sure to reset miles every time I fuel up and I know approximately when I'm getting low), but does the fact that it's not working properly have any other effects which would warrant me getting it fixed?

The vehicle has no power but at times it runs well but once I reduce speed at a traffic light or due to road conditions it fails to pick up power for sometime. It behaves as if there is something throttling the fuel then releases. This problem is happening frequently.

Replaced drive belt myself. I set the tension adjuster exactly where it was before. The car runs fine and the belt seems to be working properly.

Was blowing out steam from the vents. Filled it up with antifreeze. Is ok now and the floor was not wet.

engine start but won't shift low pressure abs and various other lights on blower radio window and lock do not work

It did it wile I took off in first gear..but it hasn't done it again. .what does it mean?

My Toyota Yaris 2008 vibrates when the a/c is on and when on idle, I have change the four plugs and air valves. kindly provide ideas that will solve this vibration problem

Went to have recharged; Freon fine, but was told there was an electrical problem - AC amplifier that is behind the dashboard apparently VERY expensive. Should I take for 2nd opinion?

It happened 2 weeks ago or so...and it hasn't come back on.

It seems to happen when it's cold out.

I need to know how much will it cost to fix this problem.

This only happens while using heater. Can't smell it while using air conditioning. Started last winter. 2010 yaris hatchback 5speed.

I recently started up my car before leaving work when I shifted the car into reverse it backed fine however when I shifted it into Drive to take off the engine had to rev up to start taking off then it would over rev and wouldn't shift into the next gear. I looked at the dash and the D was lit up but also the L for low gear was lit also. when i got home I checked the transmission oil both cold and while running and I did need to add some to get it between the proper mark however it did not correct the issue. Any clues as to what to check for next besides a code which I will do tomorrow?

that is reminds in this figure 5321

The vibration gets worse when I switch on A/C.
Also, there's a weird "chug-chug" sound that comes with the vibration.
I recently changed my engine oil and oil filter to solve this problem but it didn't help. Other fluids are in optimum condition.

The auxiliary wire was plugged into the aux port when the wire fell through the emergency brake handle opening and touched the metal at which time it caused a loud bang over the radio. Ever sense is happened the gas level indicator is off by two bars. My feeling is the wire shorted out on some metal causing it to scramble the level indicator. Can the level indicator be re-calibrated?