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What causes loud hum when driving except when you steer to the right
2007 Yaris with 135000 miles. I was accelerating on the highway and heard a clunk. The check engine, battery, and cool warning lights all turned on simultaneously. When I turned on the heater, it was blowing cold air....
code given when check engine light came on
Serpentine belt replaced 3k miles ago. 150k miles on car. Very loud squealing when put in drive and accelerate. Steering so stiff that car had to be towed.
Bought this car with not working air conditioning. Mechanic charged $540 repaired it but returned car had with warning lights on (P/S, AirBag, Temp,)and power steering was stiff when starting car. Took it to Toyota de...
I saw this Yaris/117.000 Ml. The owner says it is in very good condition. What expenses (reparations) may I expect from this car in the few 6 months?
I have changed the spark plugs three times. I also changed the coil on boot in cylinder 3 with the one in cylinder 2. Still has a check engine light that says cylinder 3 misfiring. What else could it be?
earlier somebody with same probs cant find conversation,manually have to push plastic by gear shifter to put into drive
I have a push button ignition, sometimes it wont start, but when I pop the bonnet up it will start again, and I have to reset my radio and clock etc...what is wrong with it?
I have a 2007 toyota yaris and need to do 90,000 mile service,and I wnt to know how much it will cost and what needs to be don?
my egine light was on got a diagbostic nothing was wrong but light didnt go off. drove about 5 mi light went off, got it smoged but after that light came back on,car sat uh for a couple of yrs , the tech said i went t...
have 70'000 miles.This stays in 2nd till cold light goes out.