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When turning ignition key to start, truck will start only if I hold key forward. Letting go of key truck turns off. My mechanic has replaced the ignition relay but says he is unable to fix what is killing the igniti...
It runs fine at idel and under load but starts to. Surger when it gets up to speed
Runs okay for a short while, then the coolant backs into the overflow tank and then it overheats. What would cause this?
I need to know when maintenance needs to be done
it click when I start driving slowly and when I turn
One gent suggested it might be the cabin air filter. No recent ac service other than changing the belts. Thanks in advance
Fuses checked, all other lights working. Is there a sensor that can be changed?? thanks
I jumped wire between pins CG and TC and got code (flashes): 3 1 5 2
The light bulbs on my climate control panel are burned out.