Light came on took it to deal told me it was a xtended warranty issue , the air bank 1 sensor had bin replaced under warrenty , and now it went out agin and 2k to replace and fix it now is there a more financialy sound way of fixing they said it was safe to drive but would b n limp mode please help thanks

Merging in into lighway from rest area. All dash lights lit up and thermostat shot to H. Immediately turned off and when restarted most lights were off but vs coff and the suspension light on. And thermostat still going gradually to H.

I got in my truck to start it and nothing my battery said charged when I had it tested but when I put it back in nothing won't even try to crank.

i just switched out a power steering pump because the old one started leaking between the pullley and the pump and the new pump still made a bit of noise (whine). i later noticed a leak on a seal between the steering rack pinion and the steering column so i decided to add an addative (at-250 if i recall) and it worked great (no leaks) for a few days until the rebuilt pump i bought started leaking at the same spot. so i sent it back for defects and got a new one. just installed it, fluid level is good, spent 20 minutes turning lock to lock, drivfing around etc.. and it still makes a bit of noise. i cant figure out why

The radiator cracked away from the top of the seem and apparently it caused the engine to misfire at 40% in the 4th cylinder

I was installing a new stereo when I pulled out one knob it was glued in so I ended up pulling to hard and I broke it I was wanting to know how much it will cost to fix it.

took to local mech. and starting changing parts. spark plugs, all the coils, air filter, worked on timing, still no fix. took to toyota dealer they said it was fuel injector and that didnt fix it. dealer let it run for 2 days trying to make it code but no codes engine light flashing, they did say the 02 sensor was bad but said it would not cause this problem. could it be bad gas? im in it now 800.00 and still not working. Help please

I just started noticing a very slight vibration when excellerating around 30 to 50 mph

The AC works. I can feel the cold air when I'm driving at speed. When I turn it on there's no sound

Truck won't start after replacing radiator.

Idle if i keep pressure on pedal

Will start & then shut down. Seems to happens when tank is lower than 1/2 full. Let set few minutes & will start up. If top off tank, it runs great. Has happened a couple of times in the last 2 months.

It is throwing codes p0102, p0111, and p0113 what do I need to replace to fix it

I replaced the relay checked the fuses. if I push the panic button the horn blows but is I push the steering column I get nothing

Im way out in the desert,alone,an ive no torch wrench to re tighten my crank bolt after replacing my timing belt an water pump.im curious as to where i might rent one ?ive no idea what im doin other than the vids on utube.my truck was my only trans,an i literally cannot walk back n forth to the auto zone for help,ive no phone,im piggyback ing my nxt door for wifi..an ive nevr been so freaked on making a mistake.my truck has sat ther a whole mnth an im just goint to start.when i go online to order the part,,a water pump timing belt kit...ive no manuel or engine maintanance book.how do i know exactly what to order?? Im sorry im out of my element on how or what to ask..i just have to go for it an im affraid of distroying my truck...thank u for any help or advice...i do have patients tho..

When the weather gets cold (close to freezing) my emergency brake light will either stay on as long as I'm driving or come on when I apply my regular brakes and will go off about a minute after I start pressing the gas again. I have not noticed a difference in driving so the brake is not actually engaged, the light is just one. Should I get this checked?

After I start the truck and put it in gear it immediately stalls. It does this no matter what gear I put it in.
It has 147,000 miles on it and has been running fine.

so I just changed out to a new battery and sometimes starts right up, sometimes just turns over and over and over and will not start. help?

How many miles should I go before I change transmission fluid in the 2006 Toyota tundra

I have changed the coil in cylinder number eight and I've change the spark plugs in all eight cylinders. Truck is still running rough and says there is a misfire in cylinder number eight what else might it be. The truck has 223,000 miles. The fuel system was completely clean six months ago and new fuel filter put on. Not sure which direction to go now.

Put truck in 4w dr to get up muddy driveway.when I got to top both 4HI and 2LO light started flashing.


I disconnected the battery for 10 minutes. When I reconnected, the engine would start, run but not idle.

What could be the cause?