My truck is a 2007 Toyota Tacoma Trd 6 cyl. 4.0l

The passenger side is cold and defroster not working either.

If I put it in 4th instead of drive it doesn't happen. I have replaced u joints, center bearing, wheel bearings, and rotors calipers and brake pads. Any idea as to what could be wrong? I'm almost at my wits end!

the vacuume line and the Check engine light has been coming on

Stopped at store, came back out to truck and was very hard to start. Like not getting fuel. got it started and took off, miss fired badly and was bucking around. Noticed engine light came on. after sitting for a while, again was hard to start. after getting it going runs ok but will drag down as I shift gears. starts ok when warm but after sitting for longer periods will be difficult to start. Need to pump gas to get going and will be rough until warms up.

All electronics are working.

no acceleration, same in neutral,no brake noise, clunk engaging transmissoion iniatal to drive or reverse

tried the resit button did not work

also replaced marker bulb on right front

computer has to re-set? now thw check engine light is on and it still wants to stall nothing in manual says anything about resetting computer when installing a new battery

There are no codes on and it does it at stop lights too. The truck only has about 60000 miles on it and we carried it to the dealer they say nothing is wrong any ideas?