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Sounds like an electric motor spinning down. Motor is a 2.7L I4 with a 4 speed automatic transmission

It looks like a small, black, vacuum or ventilation hose.

check engine light came on while drivng errands around town. pulled over, checked all fluids & belts.everything OK. drove home truck ran fine no apparent problems. I guess I need to get obd diagnostic reading 1st. Never had this happen before. hope it doesn't cost much

Running hot,engine light on.

I have 195000 miles on this engine.

Replace the converter? Is something else causing this?

it has done this before and the diagnosis was a bad wheel bearing. The mechanic who looked at it said wheel bearings were OK. Wondering if this could be something else wrong with suspension, i.e. ball joints or struts or more serious like transmission. It seems to have a vibration on the left side making me think it is a suspension issue

I recently hit a curb pretty badly with my back right tire. I was wondering if the 2009 Tacoma PreRunner is front wheel alignment or all wheel so I can take it if needed.

Just returned from driving it 10 minutes before trying to restart. Worked fine before and now will not start. 1st time this has happened.

When you push the clutch in. How far is the rod on the slave cylinder suppose to go. Getting about 1 inch.

Truck will no turn or crank at all no sound when turn key to start truck

Could it be an air bubble? Its an older tacoma.

It's has another bigger hose going to same place

It's has another bigger hose going to same place

went from 20 mpg to 13 , shows no fault codes , engine runs fine , no rough idle

New spark plug wires, installed but did not get numbered

Miss fire # 6 cyclder

Toyota says it was a campaign not recall

after shutting off the truck i could smell gas lingering in the closed garage

I just purchased my 1999 Toyota Tacoma and I cannot get it to start. It acts like it is out of fuel. Everytime I open the drivers door the alarm goes off and I use the key fob to silence the alarm but still cannot get the truck to start. I would really like to disable the alarm for ever but I can't see to figure out how to do that and no matter what I do I cannot get the truck to start.

Toyota Tacoma 2016 on reaching the working temperature 95C the vehicle is turned off, DTC P0300, when cooling turns back on without failure when arriving at the temperature regime goes off and thus cyclically, What is your opinion?

The clutch engages only with little pedal, pushed all the way in.

When i press my steering wheel for the horn. It doesn't work. What could it be?

I have disconnected the neg and pos cables and tied them together for 30 minutes . Didn't solve the problem.

Recent evidence of radiator spewage in engine compartment. Radiator was about 2 liters low when checked. Refilled and checked the next day after noticing puddles on both sides of the engine upon leaving work. Would the radiator leak on both sides of the engine, or should I be looking for a different problem?

It just started making the noise and it's only when I start up my vehicle and I go through the gears from park reverse neutral And then drive whenever it shifts into drive it makes a a bell type noise or A clunking noise but only once

The last time I drove the truck the tachometer was working fine. Than the next day I started up the truck and noticed the tachometer is not working at all, no movement at all.

please enceel my questions

No start have gas bat no spark wat have too do

No start gas ok