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150k, what all maintenance/repairs neded? Timing belt, upper belts and hoses, etc.....
I thought it might be a bad tire bought new tires had them put on rims. Truck shook at 65, so thought I had bent rim , got another rim. Still shook. Now tire guy showed me you can grab brake disk on sides and wiggle i...
We apply the brake then try to shift it into drive and it doesn't go. Interestingly enough, the brake lights are not on. It's like the truck is not recognizing the brakes.
Happens MOST of the time when initially pressing the accelerator. Even happens occasionally while the Cruise Control is being used. And at ANY speed!
steam is there any seals that i need to replace or could it be the valve cover gasket only?
i added seafoam and took it out on the road and it runs fine. is there anything i can do or do i need to replace the module
Has anyone replaced one? How difficult was it? where is it located?
-rat-chewed wire harness (above trany) repaired ($). -60K tune up completed -new fuel injectors installed ($$) -gas tank and lines flushed ($$) -new ECM installed ($$$) ALL WORK DONE BY TOYOTA DEALERSHIP, LIGHT S...
Wires replaced.ECM cleared and reset. New air/fuel ratio sensor installed. 60k tune up done. 4 new fuel injectors installed. Toyota dealerstill stumped. A month and $2,000 has gone by since the rat bit my taco. Deale...
need to know whats the head bolt torque speces please help any one
just want to know the torque speces putting the heads on , head bolt torque
Steering Wheel 'Spiral cable' faulty?, but factory recalls only for 2005 and up year makes?