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It's twice what you guys say is the average. We do like and trust our mechanic. Is there any good reason it would cost so much more? Thanks heaps!
there is a lot of white smoke and a very strong smell of fuel at the same..my fuel consumption has also gone high...
When i tap brakes it makes abs noise,pretty often
I had a new timing belt installed on my 03 prerunner 3.4l. Been back on the road for almost 2 weeks and today it all the sudden has sporadic jerking and missing feel. Would it take 2 weeks for this to be caused from t...
Driving at any speed, happens at most two or three times a year.
Dealer says replace the relay first. How do I check that the relay is working without having to pay for that expensive 'non-returnable electric component'?
Normal timing belt replacement on my 2003 Toyota Tacoma V6 prerunner--usual mileage when done and cost? Thank you
Cut my old belt off and now I'm trying to put new belt on
But when I try to look up the cost estimate on the site it dfoes show me anything.