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oil pressure is good till engine gets warm,then gauge needle barely moves
exhaust does not smell abnormal. emission test report prints reading of over 2300 at both 15mph and 25mph. prints gross polluter. check engine light on
has 344,000 miles, runs great till this started. Shop doesn't know what to do. Is TPS the same as Throttle Valve (TV)? Any suggestions? Seems electric. Only does it when warmed up well. Has error code P0755. Re...
I am afraid I will break my key off in the lock. I don't know where to poke with my screwdriver
my 1997 Toyota T100 won't shift to 4x4 the shifter get stuck. check engine code P0770.
when I'm driving it at first it runs really good in the morning as soon as I shut it off and start it back up it doesn't want to shift
In the morning when I first start my truck it idles high until it warms up As it warms up the idle slowly go's down to a perfect 850rpm Once I start driving and have come to a stop the idle shoots up to 1800 then ...
can crank engine but will not run have check the spark plug for spark ok all fuses on engine and inside ok,it just happen and confused because used it and park at the same day, tried pushing it to start no help what ...
my oil pan gasket is leaking all over the place and causing a mess but I see a rod underneath the pan so I am not sure how to remove the pan for cleaning without causing damage and getting it back up so I can bolt it ...
I am showing the following codes p0300,0301,0302,0303,0304,0305,0306, p0100 p0110, p0171. I have replaced the plugs, wires, boots and 1 coil pack as well as the fuel filter and the clean air intake hose and air filter.
I am having a tough time locating a used rear axle for the 1997 T100....was hoping maybe a certain year of Tundra or Tacoma used the same rear axle?? Or a chevy anything?
From what I understand the rear axle is still good, wheel bearings are fine, what replacement parts would be needed???