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when I drive my truck for approximately 30 minutes; the radiator, and the big black hose are very hot I can even hear the noise of boiling fluid from inside the radiator. It sounds like that the thermostat is not func...
what ports do you jump to get diagnostics for 93 Toyota T100
93 T100 looses power at 3000 rpm drives almost normal up to 2500 rpm then I have to feather throttle to maintain speed .
oil pressure is good till engine gets warm,then gauge needle barely moves
Clutch is not working, how do I know what's needs to be fixed?
I had a starting issue with my 93 t100 3.0 v6 last week. Changed the fuel pump and then it started first crank every time. Ran great for a week and then yesterday it died on the freeway and would not start back up. Ha...
exhaust does not smell abnormal. emission test report prints reading of over 2300 at both 15mph and 25mph. prints gross polluter. check engine light on
Multiple cracks in engine head,needs to be replaced
Replaced the starter, air filter and oil change. Truck starts now but when in park and revved up it Boggs down and dies. What should I look into / do next?
gears and the truck stays running its a5 speed transmission It did puke out fluid just before it stoppedbut the motor stayed running
or this is the part I think I need Toyota T100 1996-1998 Relay Integration Box Module Computer ECU 82641-34010 I installed a DVMotorsport gas saver and after one tank of gas My truck stays in low gear , and the low...
engine light stays on all the time
has 344,000 miles, runs great till this started. Shop doesn't know what to do. Is TPS the same as Throttle Valve (TV)? Any suggestions? Seems electric. Only does it when warmed up well. Has error code P0755. Re...
Timing belt was replaced about 40k miles ago. In the past when I have tried to start it, it would crank for a second and then cut off but would crank on the next try. This time when I cut it off and tried to crank i...
I replaced starter. It has a manual transmission. What do I do next. Please help.