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Multiple cracks in engine head,needs to be replaced
Replaced the starter, air filter and oil change. Truck starts now but when in park and revved up it Boggs down and dies. What should I look into / do next?
Timing belt was replaced about 40k miles ago. In the past when I have tried to start it, it would crank for a second and then cut off but would crank on the next try. This time when I cut it off and tried to crank i...
I replaced starter. It has a manual transmission. What do I do next. Please help.
The starter and battery have been replaced. Both starter relays have been checked for continuity. Park/neutral switch confirmed correct. No codes. With the plugs pulled the engine will turn over at correct RPM.
If I step on pedal slow and gain speed it's fine any answers
Then started working again an now stuck in forward could it be possible a shifting fork has broke
I recently channged the fluid and filter to try to remedy. The problem went away for a short while, but has returned. The fluid has turned very dark. My local shop wants to rebuild it, but I am curious if there is som...
New rear shoes, good front pads. I have been thru 5 M/C. Still have no front brakes. Pedal goes almost to floor, then rear brakes engage. No leaks, no air in system when brakes are bled. 207k miles, work truck. Tried ...
I just wanted to make sure I get the most life out of the truck as possible, and hoping I can get a list of the maintenance I should do at mile intervals?
I just bought a 1996 with 215,000 miles and the check engine light turned on. Auto parts store gave me code 170, and I'm wondering if others have experience with this and have recommendations?