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Clutch is not working, how do I know what's needs to be fixed?
gears and the truck stays running its a5 speed transmission It did puke out fluid just before it stoppedbut the motor stayed running
Will restart only after engine cools down and air temp remains below 60. CEL has not come on.
It doesn't return after I push the brake pedal. In addition I already replaced the wheel cylinder twice.
t-100 sat for 12 years, mice filled the exhaust system with acorns and nests wouldn't start fixed that problem drove it around and gas started coming from under intake manifold ? what's the problem ?
transmission shifts fine lock up keeps goen in and out with od light flashing code p1700
theywork properly when the head lights are off
I replaced brake booster and everything works except when I drive a few miles then pedal gets hard(the truck stops fine but now brakes are rubbing and getting hot). I pull over and disconnect vacume hose and it releas...