1995 Toyota T100 Questions

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If i rev it up for a bit, or after i drive it for a minute it wont stall. However the next time i go to start will stall a couple times again. I have new plugs, wires, EKG valve. New distibutor , new oil n filter, new coolent and new battery. Also replaced the starter. new fuel filter and air filter. Cleaned carbon out as best as i could.

starts out shifting very good after 15 or 20 min. I can not shift if the motor is running I had a mechanic help rebuild the clutch 2 times replaced master, slave & tubing purged as usual also pulled a vacuum on master I am losing no Dot 3 this problem is why I rebuilt the clutch I have replaced the master & slave 3 times in the last 15 yrs. never had this problem before

when I drive my truck for approximately 30 minutes; the radiator, and the big black hose are very hot I can even hear the noise of boiling fluid from inside the radiator. It sounds like that the thermostat is not functioned the cooling fluid
properly through the engine.

Clutch is not working, how do I know what's needs to be fixed?

i can pull the battery cable and it will reset it.

gears and the truck stays running its a5 speed transmission It did puke out fluid just before it stoppedbut the motor stayed running

Will restart only after engine cools down and air temp remains below 60. CEL has not come on.

It doesn't return after I push the brake pedal. In addition I already replaced the wheel cylinder twice.