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The hood is full of round bubbles. Some have popped and the bare metal is exposed. The rest of the car appears okay, Very disappointed with the quality.
Happens when start car, gearshift moves a little but will stop and won't move on into gear. If I keep restarting, mash hard on brake, turn wheel, after several tries it will slide on past the sticking point and work f...
car again and coolant does not get drawn back into cooling system from expansion tank and i can hear air escaping near expansion tank,altho i can't see a leak in the exp.tank hose (going to the radiator).this causes r...
How many other Toyota solara convertible owners with cracked dashboards would be willing to join me in a class action lawsuit for compensation, as this problem greatly devalues the trade value.
2005 Toyota Solara-dashboard cracks, would like to begin a class action suit. Does anyone know if one is in progress, or how to begin class action suit.
Can anyone tell me how to go about getting a solution?
Is it advisable to change the cat first when the vehicle is showing codes p0420 in conjunction with c1201, or should I look toward the oxy sensor(s) or elsewhere?
the car seems to ride ok, still handles good. Does one wait till there is a problem? I would think the ride has been affected over time. I do want to keep the car for a while, another 85k or so.
So I recently purchased a 2005 Toyota Solara,engine has 77,000k. I bought this from a private dealer,there's not much records(maintance) on this car,what would you recommend that I should do,to give me a piece of mind...
AutomaTic transmission..I have no records of the car,it has 77,000...thanks!