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need the timing marks for the camshaft
Both power windows not working...sunroof works. Before replacing the motor and regulators are there fuses or relays I can check
I am at 80,000 miles and have been very diligent with my scheduled maintenance. I recently lost my maintenance guide. When should I replace my timing belt? 90k or 100k? I figured I should start saving now. Any other i...
I am doing preventative maintenance and doing my brakes and struts. There are two options for front struts. The strut itself or the strut and coil together. Does anyone kn9w if the coil also needs to be replaced at 10...
There is no brake lights signals lights dash lights no power windows or locks
and off several times before the engine starts running.
I was told radiator was cracked and I paid total $497.22 which included Asian coolant, plastic tank, radiator cap and labor. Afterward I am concerned that it was an inflated price. This was done by a Repair Pal memb...